What is a Doula?

The word "Doula" is Greek for 'woman servant or caregiver', although it is now considered to translate to describe an experienced woman who provides physical and emotional support to a woman (or couple) during pregnancy, birth and shortly after childbirth.

In doing this, the whole family feel supported, more relaxed and able to enjoy the whole experience.

Birth Doula

A birth Doula acts as an advocate for a pregnant/labouring woman; she supports and empowers her to believe in her body and trust her instincts.

Some of the things a birth Doula may do during labour are:

  • gentle massage, relaxation techniques, and other comfort measures
  • provide information on options available
  • give some childbirth education
  • provide a listening ear
  • give reassurance and encouragement

Postnatal Doula

A postnatal Doula gives support to a mum and her family after childbirth with breastfeeding and caring for their new baby; she provides a listening, non-judgemental ear to enable the de-briefing of birth and gives support information when necessary.

She also performs some of the following duties:

  • General light household duties (washing-up, hovering, folding washing, etc. (within reason)
  • Making tea/coffee/keeping mum hydrated and ensuring she is eating (especially if breastfeeding)
  • Looking after baby and other small children so that Mum can have a rest/shower, etc.
  • Listens
  • Supports, reassures and encourages
  • Gives information on support groups/contacts
Birth and postnatal Doulas undertake training and have a good knowledge of the physiology of pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding/caring for a baby, but are not supportive in the clinical sense. They do not replace the Midwife or other medical staff, but provide a "mother the mother" approach.

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Why You Should Have a Doula?

Having a doula to support you alone, or with a partner has proven to:

  • reduce intervention and caesarean rates*
  • reduce the need for painkillers or an epidural during birth*
  • reduce the rate of induction of labour*
  • shorten labour*
  • increase parental satisfaction with birth experience*
  • increase likelihood of initiating breastfeeding*
  • increase likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding and continued breastfeeding at 6 weeks*.

*I also support bottle-feeding parents, no judgements.
* https://doula.org.uk/research/

Studies and continued evidence shows that women who receive continuous support are more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth and are less likely to have pain medication or an epidural. They are also 33% less likely to view their birth negatively.

In a Doula UK study, 93% attempted breastfeeding and 70 per cent were still exclusively breastfeeding after six weeks in comparison to those who did not have a doula.

  • Well I don’t think I would have managed without Kieshia’s consistent advice and encouragement even on my down days she was beaming ray of light!! Highly recommend x
    Mrs L-S
  • Aww my god hardest thing I've ever done would of been soooo much harder without you! Thank you thank you thank you! Xxx I hope you remain a friend for life xxx
    Miss B
  • I would recommend Kieshia to anyone considering a doula! She's great and made me feel at ease the whole time x
    Mrs H
  • Kieshia never once made me feel like I was being silly. She always offered calm, professional and caring guidance and could calm me from a panic attack just over a message.
    Miss P
  • I gave a birth to my first son with Kieshia and I must say that I learned more from Kieshia than anyone else. Kieshia is very well experienced and knowledgeable.
    Mrs P

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